Qi Gong and Mindful Meditation

Longview Texas

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Wing Chun Kuen

Effective Defense

Wing Chun is a very popular Chinese Kung Fu system. I have a unique prospective on teaching Wing Chun having been exposed to wing chun from 5 different masters. I see wing chun as a practical efficient fighting system that can be learned by most. At higher levels it is about understanding the use of your body and how to use the persons strength and force against them.

San Shou

This program covers how to defend and protect your self on the street for those not interested in a traditional martial art system. This program covers kicking, striking, throwing, ground fighting and practical weapons

Tai Chi Chuan

Grand Ultimate Fist

Tai Chi is a Chinese internal system with similar attributes to yoga concentrating on the body breath and mind.For health,longevity and as well can be used for self defense. My training in Tai Chi comes from Master John Wang in Chang Tai Chi 

San Da

Free-Style Fighting

This is a modern system of fighting first developed by the Chinese military. Through the decades it has become refined for both Military/Police  Civilians and as a Combat Sport

Shuai Chiao

Chinese  art of throwing

The oldest form of Chinese martial arts and also one of the most effective.SC focuses on throwing your opponent this reduces the amount of time in a self defense situation. Excellent for self defense and also a great competition sport. I am a direct student of my SiFu Master John Wang a disciple of the late Grand Master Chang Through his training I developed my Shuai Chiao ,San Da and San Shou programs to a very high quality level

Kung Fu Athletic Academy

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