Self Defense and Wellness

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We are currently starting enrollment for the Fall. Class schedules will follow closely to the start of the school year. We teach age specific programs for teen's. We take a modern approach to teaching your child with a focus on learning character building concepts, self defense, physical health including balance, range of motion coordination skills mental focus.These courses are ongoing, summer programs will be 2 six week courses that can be attended or not.

What we do not do, we do not do contracts or 3rd party billing.

We do not charge enrollment fee's or processing fee's We do not charge test fee's.

Are fee's are simple and direct 1 class a week 50.00 a month 2 classes a week 80.00 a month 4 classes a week 100.00 a month.

Are class sizes are limited to 12 students only.

Age 15 and up depending on maturity level and attention skills can attend some but not all adult evening classes.

For those parents looking for a activity that can help with college admissions or a first job. We offer a 2 year certificate program and a 4 year diploma program with a letter of recommendation and a detail of accomplishments and skills learned. These are for 8th grade to 12th.

We are not about Discipline but about teaching your child Self Discipline, Self Defense, Self Empowerment and a positive attitude to see things through.

We want to develop the mind ,body and self defense. I take teaching seriously, I strive for the idea of development of one's self through my classes and teaching.

Call and set up a free consultation today to see if our programs match your families need's

Adult Self Defense & Health Wellness Program's

Richardson Texas

My price structure is very straight forward and competitive with any one in the Dallas area.

No Registration fee's or processing fee's​

Private lessons 50.00 a hour 30 half hour as a student though you will receive private time through out your training to insure you are developing

Upon enrolling you are required to purchase a uniform includes at least 1 shirt and 1 pair of pants specific shoes are to be worn in class and can be purchased on your own.

Upon enrolling equipment needed for class will need to be purchased when enrolling or when the equipment becomes needed.

Test Fee's we do not have them.

That's it very straight forward I will not try and sale you some thing you do not need but do require a commitment from you. 

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