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Kung Fu Athletic Academy

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Kung Fu The Right Way !

We offer the best prices and class programs in the Dallas area. We are located in Longview Texas 

Achieve your goals

A lot of people want to train for there health or for self defense or relaxation. But with out the right approach and a program to complicated or not challenging enough you may quit soon after starting. I do not want this to happen to you as my student. I take a personalized approach to each person we may need to make adjustments or changes with in the first few weeks to accommodate a old injury or your interest level. Some times things seem great until we try them.What I mean by this there are many ways to reach your goals.But to be successful some times we need more information and a opportunity to experience new things.This is why I do not do contracts and why you should not enter into one.


My Name is Paul Gerald. I have been teaching since 1995.I have trained people to compete and win in national and International events in Europe and Asia. Taken people to Costa Rica to do Tai Chi and I can motivate you and help you reach your goals as well. Even in a group class setting my focus on the individual and adapting movements or training helps you to move forward. My programs are all about improving, and maintaining the body with fitness and self preservation skills.

What I Offer

My studio focuses on personalized attention, patience and a willingness to help you reach your physical goals and mental focus. For your age and interest level we do not all want the same thing and a program that does not consider the person's age and interest will not be beneficial to the student. I offer classes in Tai Chi, Qi Gong ,Wing Chun, Shuai Chiao, San Da Mindful Meditation, Self Defense, Teen  and Functional Fitness Call today to set your free consultation to see if my studio is right for you. We offer AM and PM classes through out the week at our Richardson location.